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  June 10th 2003 - November 8th 2005      

   ANGELS EXIST but sometimes, they don't all have wings!!


December 25th 2005- September 5th 2008 


My bulldog passed away, no more to breathe a sound. I held her for the last time, then entombed her in the ground. Day and night I wept so much, in tears I thought I'd drown. I searched my soul for comfort, but no peace therein was found.

In great despair, I hit my knees and then began to pray. "Father, will I ever see my dog again someday?" I raised my eyes and saw an angel standing near a gate. I sensed an inner peace I'd never felt before that day.

The angel smiled and said to me, "Oh you of little faith! God sees every bird that falls, He knows your bulldogs fate. I have met your little dog, I saw her pass my way. Your precious dog is still alive, she just walked through this gate.

"Paradise is lovelier than you can comprehend. No pain or grief, no tears or fears, and life will have no end. God gave to man His only Son, to cover all his sins, so why would God withhold you from your pure and loving friend?"

The angel took me by the hand and said, "Now come with me, a glimpse of paradise I'll give to you so you can see." Through the gate and o'er the Rainbow Bridge we did proceed, through green valleys filled with flowers, rolling hills and trees.

"Wow, so this is paradise!!" The place was filled with joy. I saw my bulldog playing there with dogs and cats and toys. She also had some doggie treats, and food that she enjoyed. She'd made a lot of new friends there, including girls and boys.

Then I saw a child come near and hug my little mate. He said to her, "I love you so..." and kissed her on the face. The angel said, "The child just crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. Now he needs a little friend to love and help him play."

God's love for him would be enough, in that make no mistake, but in His love He knew full well the child would want a mate. This is why God called your dog unto this splendid place. God's entrusted him with her until you pass through the gate.

I pleaded, "May I hug them both?" The angel answered, "No! you'd violate a sacred site, and now it's time to go." He led me back across the bridge and through the gate to home. He left me there with new-found hope and peace within my soul.

If someone ever asks what happens to a dog that dies, just give a gentle smile of joy and look them in the eye. Take their hand and comfort them and tell them not to cry. For dogs don't die, they simply cross a bridge to paradise.

Author Dan Atcheson