Bart & Laurie Starr

More Of Our Family!

            Snookums & Cody                          McKenzie                               Snookums napping with her best friend...Kyle

Bart watching T.V with the girls            McKenzie babysitting her Mama's pups        Angel at 3 weeks

Angel at 6 weeks                                   Cody & Angel 8 weeks              Snookums checking on our little Angel

    McKenzie on New Years Eve!                    Do you have any 3's ?             McKenzie sleeping with Cody


    Cody Playing T.V games while snookums naps               Ruff day                 McKenzie snuggling with Angel

   Natalya still in Russia                   Taking her first nap with sissy               She really loves Angel


       Mama & Daughter                                Grandpa I think it's bedtime                                 Mercedes

  Snookums looking at her favorite web site                   Mercedes                                                       Alexis


    Natalya, Angel & McKenzie                             Grandma is this diet?                                       Alexis              


    I am not going to smile :(                                 Neither am I                             Where did everyone else go?

          Natalya & Angel                          Yes......Grandma is filling our pool!                 Shhh...I have a secret


     Angel, Natalya & McKenzie                              What ball?                              Natalya at 7 Months old  07/25/06

    Mariah & McKenzie                                     Just can't help but love Kenzie!                     Natalya 


    Angel Watching over the babies                    McKenzie & Tinnkerbell                                     Alexis & McKenzie

        Snookums is always sleeping!                         Angel                                         Natalia & McKenzie

      Please don't make me get up :(                      Best Friends                              McKenzie & Snookums

  Natalya & Dezzie                                       Please can I have the rose?                 To tired for basketball 

Elliona still in Russia.                              First night home with Grandma!                       She fit right in.

Natalya & Elliona...both from Russia.           Are you talking to me?          Shhh...babiessleeping.   

                                                       My Christmas present from my family...Zoey!

      McKenzie & Elliona                                                    Elliona

     Natalya loves new puppies                                                 Zoey