Bart & Laurie Starr


 Question and Answer Page…
I receive a lot of questions on our Bulldogs so I decided to answer some of the more common ones on the web-site. Please keep in mind that NO questions are ever to dumb and you can ask me anything J

Do we ship our puppies?
Yes but only with a puppy Nanny…We become very attached to our babies and can not even imagine the thought of dropping them off at the air- port for a long scary air plane ride in cargo. We would be more then willing to meet you part way if needed.

Do we guarantee our puppies? Absolutely…we offer a 2 year guarantee on all of our babies. We can send you a copy of it if you would like to reads it over first.

Where are our puppies raised?
In our home along with all our other dogs with lots of love and attentions! We have special nursery’s done up just for the puppies.
I also provide child care from my home so all of the puppies get lots of interaction with kids as well as adults. We also allow new owners to come and visit their babies as much as they would like after they turn 3 weeks of age. We do prefer week-end visits because during the week our house is very busy but we will make exceptions if needed.

At what age do the puppies get to go to their new homes?
Never before 8 weeks! We usually keep them until 9 weeks because the puppies do benefit from staying with their litter mates longer.

Do we vaccinate them? Yes…all puppies are seen by our Vet at least twice before going to their new homes and they will all go home with a health record from my Vet. They will be current on age appropriate shots and de-worming.



Do we require a deposit to hold a pup? Yes we do…As a matter of fact almost all of our babies are sold before they are even born. Due to the overwhelming amount of people wanting to be placed on our waiting list we do require a $200.00 non refundable deposit to get on the list. This $200 will be taken off the price of your puppy, of course.

What if something happens and you are not able to get the puppy when you had planned?
It is not a problem. Your deposit is good until you have picked out the puppy of your choice.

What do we need for our puppy when we bring it home?
Each puppy goes home with a very big basket loaded with all of the supplies you will need to get you started. Included in the basket is a blanket made especially for the puppy. Also included is a book on Bulldogs, a leash & harness, shampoo, nail clippers, ear cleaner, many puppy toys, dog food packets and treats, pictures of the puppies from birth until they go home and also pictures of their Mommy and Daddy. A folder filled with all kinds of information on your new puppy . So all you will need is a crate and lots of love!

So many people ask me will the puppy be house trained?
Anyone that tells you that an 8 week old puppy is house trained is nuts! An 8 week old puppy cannot hold it’s bladder for longer than 1 - 2 hours. It cannot "feel" that it needs to poop until it is actually beginning to come out and it does not have " total bladder and bowel control" until about 6 months.

What kind of food do the puppies eat. Natural Balance…I believe in all Natural dog food and we have had a lots of great success with Natural Balance.

Do you offer stud service?
No…because all of our girls live in our home it is not possible for us to have a male also. So we do have the semen shipped to us and then all the girls are Implanted.





Are puppies AKC registered? Yes all puppies are AKC registered. The puppies are sold as pet only though and will be sold on spay/neuter contract and have limited AKC registration. If you are interested in full registration it is something that we can discussed.

Do you have any references? Absolutely!! We have been breeding Bulldogs for over 8 years now and have numerous references including one from our Vet! Please do not hesitate to ask for them.