Bart & Laurie Starr

              Starrbulldogs Samara & Oxona!!!

                                       Two heats beating as one!!!

We have 2 new additons to our already large family! Samara is from Zarah's litter of puppies that was born on Aug.08th. I knew from the moment Zarah came into our lifes that I was going to keep one of her babies because she is one amazing bulldog!

Oxona came into our lifes because for the last couple of years I have been wanting to get a tri-colored bulldog. I love the color but they are not rare. We were very lucky to find a breeder that had an amazing looking tri-colored male. A lot of the tri do not even look like bulldogs and that's not something I wanted. Oxona was born on Sept. 1st and since Oxona has come to live with us the two girls are inseparable!

                                                  Samara's Mom & Dad
                                  Oxona's Mom & Dad