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Please read before you decide to add a Bulldog puppy to your home!

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Granted, a Bulldog puppy is generally not the most inexpensive of the dog breeds. There are logical reasons for this. The most important is this: it takes a tremendous amount of time, love, care, work and money to produce good, quality English Bulldogs. This is one reason why there is such a huge variation in the appearance and health of different English Bulldogs. Many breeders are not willing or able to go to the lengths required to produce high quality, healthy English Bulldog Puppies. Sadly, there are many poorly bred Bulldogs that are not good representations of the breed. There are many breeders who take advantage of the English Bulldogs price bracket and turn out a lot of poorly bred, unhealthy Bulldog puppies.

So beware and do your homework!

When choosing an English Bulldog Puppy to be part of your family, now is not the time to look for the best bargain, but to look for the best bred & raised puppy. The Bulldog puppy you choose will be a member of your family for the next 10-12 years or more. It is very important to pick the right puppy. The Bulldog puppy you pick will have a big effect on you & your families emotions, happiness and sense of fulfillment....but without knowledge of how to make your purchase could also strongly affect your wallet as well in vet bills.

Picking an English Bulldog puppy that has been well bred and raised correctly is very important and can save you tremendously in the long run as far as vet expenses and heartache. When a English Bulldog puppy is raised and nurtured correctly it will have a much more loving temperament and bond better with your family. The bulldog puppy you pick is an emotional investment for you and your family. If you feel that your circumstances only permit a 'lower priced' Bulldog puppy, we suggest you wait until you are in a better financial position to where you can be a little less concerned about it's cost and ready to focus more on the quality and health of the bulldog that is soon to fill you heart with joy OR check with your local bulldog rescue in regards to adopting a bulldog YOU WON'T REGRET IT IN THE END!

We have A LOT of time, love and money invested in each one of our puppies. Our Bulldog pups are outstandingly bred and are out of some of the best lines out there.

Our Puppies are normally ready to leave for their new homes between the age of 9 to 10 weeks. Puppies are like babies, they are ready for learning and socialization so the quicker you make them a part of your family the easier it is for them to adjust to their new homes and to start the training process.






 The deposit to reserve a placement on our waiting list for an upcoming puppy is $200. This is non-refundable deposit. Deposits are partial payments towards the purchase price of your puppy that you have placed on hold (this has kept anyone else from getting this puppy, it is your commitment to the purchase of a Starrbulldog puppy)

 Sorry there are no refunds of any kind--That being said the only case in which a refund is granted is if the said puppy should become seriously ill or injured while in our care prior to pick-up, in such case you will be notified and be given the opportunity to choose another puppy or a refund of your paid funds.

 Our Puppies do come with a 2 year health guarantee and are believed to be in good health and to be free from any significant serious life-threatening or congenital diseases (heart murmers,cancer,ect.,) at the time of the sale. Should your puppy's health change after a deposit or payment in full has been made, you will be notified immediately.



  For your Guarantee to become affective, all buyer(s) must have their puppy examined within 72 hours of receiving their puppy. This can only be done by a Certified Licensed Veterinarian. Failure to do so will void the Health Guarantee. If your veterinarian finds that our puppy NOT to be as outlined in the guarantee and states such, it must be provided to us in writing with a diagnosis of their findings, copies of any labs/x-rays or diagnostic procedures and the document must include the clinic address, names, phone numbers and license numbers of the veterinarian(s) whom claim such. This information will be forwarded to our Veterinarian. Buyers must notify the sellers within 24 hours of these findings. With the given information we will have our vet contact your vet for a phone consult if deemed necessary & we do reserve the right to have the dog re-examined by our own veterinarian. If the diagnosis is confirmed by our vet, we will resume possession of the puppy, if the Buyer(s) so chooses and credit toward another puppy will be given. If the puppy should die prior to our resuming possession the puppy will be given an autopsy by a certified and licensed veterinarian and a cause of death determined. At which time, if parts of the guarantee have been met a replacement puppy of equal value will be provided. Thus being said we will not take responsibility for your vet bills, yearly shots, wormer or boarding ect. A replacement puppy will but my not be from the same parents unless purchaser has agreed upon waiting until the next litter for a puppy of the same parents.After the initial visit to your vet, should any Health problems arise with your puppy that are covered within the Health Guarantee -- WE ARE TO BE NOTIFIED IMMEDIATELY (within 24 hours). NOTE: Minor Breed related, treatable or correctable conditions, any condition that may go away, or a condition in which the puppy is likely to out grow is not covered in the Health Guarantee. .
By the time one of our puppies is ready to go home with you, it will have been seen by a Certified Licensed Veterinarian when birthed, at the age of 4 weeks & 8 weeks.
Again our puppies come with a 2-year Certificate of Health Guarantee and have been checked for heart murmers, tumors, and are free of any known congenital defects. For your guarantee to become affective you MUST take your new addition to your vet (preferably one familiar with the bulldog breed) within 72 of receiving your puppy!

 All puppy vaccinations and wormers are purchased and given through our vet and is all on file with our vet (we do not purchase vaccinations/wormers through places like Fosters or other pet supply markets solely to insure you that your puppy has had the vaccinations and they are on file with a licensed vet as well as on your puppy's health record) This is our guarantee to you that your puppy has had the said vaccinations/wormers/boosters ect. Our puppies come with a Health Record in which all is documented and you will be given a suggested vaccination schedule to assist you with future vaccinations. We are more than happy to give you our veterinarian information for you to call and confirm the health of your puppy of interest. If something should occur with your puppies health before pick up date, you will be notified at that time and the decision will be yours as if you still want the puppy. (This has never happened before but their is a first for everything All of our puppies are in the absolute best health and are cared for like royalty, which our veterinarians can attest to.

Starrbulldogs is very proud to say that all of our dogs go to Dr. Pat at The Animal House in Green Bay!!
3171 Voyager Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311
920-465-4629 (phone)
920-465-4707 (fax)
The Animal House 



Dr. Lori at 4 Legged Friends Veterinary Clinic in Luxemburg!!
121 Commerce Dr 
Luxemburg, WI  54217
Tel: (920) 845-2450
Fax: (920) 845-2408