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Our Commitment to You!

We strive to produce puppies of quality, good health & out standing dispositions.

We realize each puppy we bring into this world is a gift from God and each will

further fill this world with love.

We realize that what WE put into the puppy the first 8-10 weeks of life IS the foundation

of that dog's entire life & we take that role VERY serious.

We treat every puppy as if it's the ONLY puppy we have.

We believe that "Good Breeders" are always easy to reach....when needed....

day or night....weekday or weekend.

We believe it takes two parties to ensure a LONG LIFE

happy, healthy puppy.... buyer and seller....

always working hand in hand and always understanding that this is

"OUR PUPPY"....together forever.

We expect the puppy's new family to know the responsibilities of owning

and raising their puppy before they decide to purchase it.

It is a lifetime commitment, which reaps rewards higher than any amount of money! 

Our Commitment: Welcome
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